Buffalo Wild Wings

Any true ranch fan knows that there is no better condiment to complement wings than a good cup of ranch, and the worst thing to hear in a restaurant serving such foods is “blue cheese only.” Thankfully, Buffalo Wild Wings gives you a choice between the two with any order of wings, bone-in or boneless, and ranch can be requested with any other menu item. They are very good about getting everything you order to you, so availability is not an issue. Buffalo Wild Wings ranch is also fantastic, for the caliber of restaurant it is.

Quality: 9/10

Availability: 10/10

Pairing: 10/10

Average: 9.7/10



Wait, seriously? McDonalds? The ranch there is terrible. You can request it with any meal, but they have a tendency to forget. The food choice at McDonalds is a good match for ranch, though.

Quality: 3/10

Availability: 7/10

Pairing: 9/10

Average: 6.3/10


Address: 3920 6th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

A great small, local restaurant. Fantastic food, but that’s not what you’re here for. The staff is very friendly, if you want ranch, they’ll probably give you some if you ask for it. Notable items that include ranch are the buffalo chicken sandwich and fried pickles (spears, not chips). These items are good matches for ranch. The ranch is quite good, clearly not bottled.

Quality: 7/10

Availability: 9/10

Pairing: 8/10

Average: 8/10